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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 31, 2009 6:00pm-6:16pm EDT

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out to a younger generation, because they need the message. we'll have more for you on monday that you do not want to miss. from new york, good night, america! [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bret: next on "special report" big numbers from one of the government's most popular economic incentives, the cash for clunkers program. the president says he is optimistic about economic recovery after the latest numbers are stronger than anticipated. the healthcare reform numbers still don't add up for many on capitol hill, as vacation beckons, and after a number of legal efforts, we finally get to see the air force i flyover that panicked manhattan. all that, plus the all-star panel and the friday lightning round, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. after a lot of lonely weekends, car dealers around the country are bracing for
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impact tonight. a government program designed to spark sales and get gas guzzlers off the road is getting a high octane reception from the public. now, white house correspondent wendell goler reports the president is looking for more fuel for this program, despite critics who say this is bad for the country's economic engine. >> who would have thought weeks after two of detroit's big three emerged from bankruptcy some auto dealers would be worried about too much business? >> we have been as bis busy as we have been in years with this program. some dealers have run out of inventory. >> it is the going to be the best weekend the auto industry has seen in 100 years. the cash for clunkers program has been so successful, some dealers sold more than a month's worth of cars in a few days, raising fears that the billion dollars that was supposed to fund the program until the fall might not cover the deals already made and that put a fire under congress. >> the best thing we have ever done, more cash for cash for clunkers. >> and the white house -- >> we think it will benefit
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consumers, and dealers and manufacturers building cars an ultimately taxpayers, because the cars that they're purchasing have a higher fuel mileage. >> in michigan, where unemployment is 15% and one in five jobs related in some way to the auto industry, there was virtually unanimous support from republicans and democrats. >> this has to help us and bring a lot of people back to work, particularly in the supplier industries, the first, second and third tier suppliers and the assembly plants. >> with tens of billions of dollars already invested in chrysler and g.m., not everyone is happy with what they see as another federal bailout. >> maybe we should have a cash for cluckers program and pay people to eat chicken. >> we need a program to pay people to by lumber. >> if you're given free money, you like it, and you want more. that's what this program is. >> still, the house voted by
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3-1 to reprogram $2 billion in energy efficiency money to the clunkers program. even supporters say the problem has problems. the clunkers are supposed to be destroyed within two days of the sale but getting a refund gets much longer. i have dealers that have submitted their paperwork and aren't hearing back. >> john mccain is so opposed to the expenditure, he's planning to filibuster when the senate votes next. >> a lot of people are going this weekend to look at buying a new car. >> the amount of money you get for your clunker depends on how much better gas mileage the new car gets and it's a plus for the country that people are buying more fuel-efficient cars than congress expected, a ten-mile a gallon improvement gets the maximum $4,500 now. congress may require a bigger mileage improvement to get that in the fall.
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bret. bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. the recession started out worse than we thought but recovering better than we expected that. was the word from the commerce department today, news that president obama welcomed. mike emanuel looks at the story behind the numbers. >> the economy has done immeasurably better than we had thought, better than expected. >> president obama took the commerce department's announcement that gross domestic product or g.d.p., the measure of overall economic growth in the country, shrunk by 1% annual rate in the second quarter as good news after revised numbers showed g.d.p. fell 6.4% in the first quarter. >> the g.d.p. revealed that the recession we faced when i took office was even deeper than anyone thought at the time. it told us how chose we were to the edge. >> in fact, the revised numbers showed during the first 12 months of this recession, the economy shrank more than twice as much as
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previously estimated including bigger declines in housing and consumer spending. how could the economists in both the bush and obama administration have been so far off? >> if you have a run of the mill, two quarter negative g.d.p. recession, you're probably going to nail it in terms of the severity, because we have a lot of experience with this sort of thing. we don't have an experience of a situation where the bottom has fallen out of the pail of water, which is what we have now. >> the president said that the $787 billion economic stimulus package deserves credit for reducing foreclosures, reviving the credit market and opening up loans for families and small businesses. >> this, and other difficult but important steps we have taken over the last six months have helped us put the brakes on the recession. >> critics have complained much of the spending in the stimulus has been more government spending rather than projects that would stimulate the economy. one of the white house key economic advisors claimed the latest numbers validate some of the spending. >> we absolutely think that
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money to save local governments has been crucially important, because if you look at today's g.d.p. numbers, one of the striking things is the fact that state and local governments spending rose in the second quarter. >> still, the white house is bracing for more bad economic news next week when job numbers come out. the president brie dicted it is going to show -- the president predicted that the country is continuing to lose far too many jobs. at the white house, fox news. bret: stocks were mixed today. the dow jumped 17. s&p 500 rose 3/4 of a point and nasdaq gave back 5. the house has approve add bill putting new curves on new executive pay for corporations, giving shareholders of publicly traded companies the right to a non-binding vote on salaries, golden parachutes and other compensation issues t would empower federal regulators to prohibit incentive-based arrangements that encourage what are called inappropriate risks. now to healthcare reform. congress has one foot out the
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door for its august vacation, but the last-minute push to get some agreement on health overhaul bill continued to provoke a lot of emotion on capitol hill. correspondent james rose subpoena following the action. -- james rosen is following the action. >> the problem is you're such a pessimist. you have a notion that what we have out there is doomed to failure. don't take it down with this pessimistic attitude of this amendment. >> i'm an optimist, but i look at the c.b.o. score on the public option in the current bill, and i see a trillion. >> the group therapy session that was masqueradeed as final markup of the healthcare bill by the house commerce and energy committee went into the second day with a cam quo from john boehner. >> i would ask that he be added to the committee on the minority side. >> with full voting privilege can! >> and with henry waxman still dead set on beating the august recess deadline.
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>> whatever time it takes, we're going to complete this bill today. >> in thursday night's action, which wrapped up at midnight, republicans sought to limit access to abortions an forcing lawmakers to enroll in any public healthcare plan they in enact. both were beaten back by the democratic majority, which resisted the push by the g.o.p. friday to open up to ordinary citizens the federal healthcare plan lawmakers do use. >> this is outside of our jurisdiction. >> this is germane. if you and i want to suspend the committee and see the parliament tearian in person, let's do it. >> despite a rear guard revolt by waxman's liberals, the democratic leadership on friday trained its sights on other combatants. >> the days for the insurance companies are coming to an end in our country. >> you have a lot of information coming out of far right wing radio, talk radio, and other outlets. we're going to make sure healthcare reform does not get
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swift voted during the month of august. >> on the senate side, the lead democratic negotiator conceded late thursday his colleagues will return home without a finalized plan to sell to their constituents. >> it's clear there will not be a markup next week. >> hours after the senate's top democratic majority leader harry reid blamed the news media for creating the august recess timetable, a creation in fact at the white house, a key republican bristled at reports of g.o.p. obstructionism. >> the trouble is you folks are looking for news news and there ain't no news. >> that, of course, is never true, but the senate's gang of six negotiators did agree to meet sporadicly over the august recess in order to meet a new september 15 deadline and look for house democrats to stage weekly healthcare events, daily response blogs and outreach to hispanics. bret. bret: sometimes true, a little nugget here or. there >> always some news. bret: thanks. senate banking committee chairman chris dodd says he has prostate cancer and will
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have surgery next month. the connecticut democrat made that announcement today at his office in hartford. >> i'm going to be fine. it can be caught early. the great thing about the annual physical is if you get an early detection of prostrate cancer, it's very manageable. >> dodd says he will continue to work for healthcare reform so everyone can get an annual checkup like he does, and he says that he won't let the disease prevent him from running for re-election. is the postal service obsolete or is it just in serious trouble? we report. you decide. and a republican party thought to be by many in serious trouble after the last election tries to come up with a winning strategy. 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration... plus support for bone and breast health. just what i need. one a day women's. against plaque and gingivitis
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bret: the most talked about during the republican party's summer meeting in san diego is on the other side of the country. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports republicans are coming together in their opposition
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to president obama. >> we've got sight left in us. >> g.o.p. big shots nursed their outrage. >> think about all the crap we've taking from the press, and some of our own. >> they voted to officially dub healthcare reform with a costly public option obama-care and a step towards socialism. "obama care will be government control of the healthcare sector in addition to the federal government's direct control of banks, auto manufacturers, insurance companies and mortgage industry." randy poolen is the g.o.p. he's national treasurer and an arizona small businessman. >> healthcare is 1/6 or even more than that in our entire economy, and to have the government running 1/6 of our economy just doesn't make any sense. >> the r.n.c. has launched attack ads in 61 congressional districts during the august recess against fiscally conservative democrats including the so-called blue dogs who said they oppose the government healthcare takeover but some of them have begun to waiver under pressure from
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democratic leaders and the white house. >> they don't have the kahunas to stand up and support the american people, so don't pretend anymore. we're calling you out. i'm looking at you and telling you we're coming after you. >> they voted to officially pan the president's climate change bill "cap and trade is a tax on energy that falls on hard working american families and the cost of the tax exceeds any benefit, especially in this type of economic crisis." and they shammed the president's appointment of czars, not subject to congressional confirmation as an abuse and violation of the power of the president and demanded congress to de-fund them. after a rocky start as chairman, michael steele seems to have made peace with g.o.p. critics. some have proposed limiting his power over party money but in the end went with a traditional cosignature for expenditures over $100,000. bret: carl cameron, live in san diego. we can finally show you images of the air force i flyover of
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ground zero that caused a panic in manhattan last april and cost the head of the white house military office his job. national security correspondent jennifer griffin shows us what all the fuss was about. >> three months, 40 freedom of information requests and countless legal hours and this is what the white house and the air force apparently didn't want the public to see, pictures of the president's plane on a purported training mission, to update file photos of air force i, circli


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